We Teach!

Parents today are more concerned than

ever that their students are not getting

a quality education through the public

school system.  They want more control

over their child's learning than most

private schools allow, but they are not

able to school their children at home.  


When you enroll in Futures Academy,

you get the best of both worlds.  In a

structured classroom environment,

students are taught by teachers who teach the way students learn -- with hands-on methods, sharing with peers, and personal guidance. 


We've escaped today's digital world where old-fashioned books are lost in a sea of pixels.  Instead we believe tried-and-true methods, when blended with the latest theories and practices, provide the most effective tools for teaching modern learners.


The I.D.E.A. Plan

We reject the “one size fits all” approach that is common in many education environments, preferring instead to teach the way students learn—with each individual in mind.


The Idea Plan is what sets Futures Academy apart from every other educational option in town.  Each student has his or her own

Individually Designed Educational Achievement


We begin with an informal interview with you and your child to learn about the needs and events that brought you to our program.  Together we set a course schedule that can be altered as needs change.  It is in this interview that we start to bring kids' futures into focus.

Missing Credits?  Let's create an I.D.E.A. Plan to help you catch up.

In Their Own Words

Futures Academy is more than just a place of learning.  Teachers here strive to get to know each student as their own.  Learning opportunities have not been so easy for me as it has been for other students, but ere at Futures Academy, learning is enjoyable while still getting a high quality education.  Deeper education and a future is what you receive when choosing to attend this school.     ~Taylor, class of 2020

Graduation Requirements

Futures Academy provides faith-based instruction that is ideal for students who plan to enter the workforce immediately after graduation, seek a certificate or license, or learn an industrial trade or continue their education at university.


The following 18 credits are required for graduation from our program.

English – 4 credits 

Math – 4 credits

Science – 3 credits

Social Studies – 3 credits 

Bible/Theology – 2 credits at Futures

Sign or Foreign Language – 1 credit or more

Adulting 101 – a one-credit portfolio course spread throughout the entire program

There are no requirements for fine arts or technology, but you are strongly encouraged to seek out such lessons at home or through the local homeschooling community.

For comparison, the only credits required by a regular high school student on the foundational program that Futures Academy does not require are an additional credit of Languages other than English (including computer languages) (2), Physical Education (1), Fine Arts (1), and Electives. 

We currently offer Accounting and Personal Finance on a rotating schedule.  

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Local College Partnerships



Futures Academy and the Victoria College Industrial Trades program are working together to help your child get a jump start on a lucrative career after high school, but time and space are limited!


All students who attend classes at Victoria College or University of Houston Victoria will receive credit for those courses in high school as well.

Want to graduate early?  Set up an interview to see how we can help!