Is it like public school?  Because my kid isn't doing well there.

Not really.  Sure, we teach a lot of the same things the public schools do, but we teach a lot of things you won't find there, too.  Transfers from local high schools will immediately notice a more relaxed atmosphere.  Teachers at Futures Academy are here because they care about students, and it shows.

My child wants to go to a major university after high school.  Will he be prepared after attending Futures Academy?

Like any academic program, students will get out what they put into it.  We do not offer AP/Honors courses or the highest level courses in math and science (Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Physics), but we do strongly encourage students who are college capable to enroll in college classes for dual credit.

Can my child make up credits at Futures Academy?

Yes!  Whether he plans to graduate with us, return to another learning program, or even a homeschooler who only needs one course, we can help!  Make an appointment to discuss your child's details.

Can I come observe a class?

Absolutely!  But there are a few guidelines in place.  When possible, make an appointment.  If an appointment can't be made, pop on in!  We'll accommodate you as much as possible.  For the safety of our students, always check in with the the front office or school administrator before entering a classroom.

Sounds pretty lax.  What if my child doesn't work like that?

The truth is that we aren't for everyone.  Because students spend only two days in class, good classroom behavior is important for success.  Time management and self-discipline are also valuable and necessary skills for our program.  Many thrive in this environment where they feel more control over their own learning, but others perform better when a stronger structure is provided for them.  Just like you, we want what is best for your child.  If Futures Academy isn't it, we will do what we can to help you find a program that is.

I have a few more questions about our specific situation.  Who do I need to talk to?

Give us a call and let's figure it out together!  You can always send an email, too.